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“This is a writer with some serious miles under her skis. Abi has the ability to translate industry knowledge and expert experience into compelling copy. It’s always good to have her skilled take on winter sports!”


Sarah Barrell

Associate Editor

National Geographic Traveller

I am an award-winning freelance journalist and editor with 20 years' national media experience, specialising in adventure travel and ski, health and fitness.


My work varies greatly. I have climbed mountains in Siberia for the Financial Times, completed four marathons in four days while camping in the snow in Norway for Tatler, jumped out of helicopters in northern Iceland and surfed waves in Sumba for Metro, raced a 48ft yacht across the Atlantic for the Daily Telegraph, joined an extreme ski camp in Chile for National Geographic Traveller and while working undercover for Horse & Hound, exposed the illegal trade of horses for slaughter in Europe.


I am women's gear editor for Ski+board magazine and Snow Enthusiast, web editor of Where to Ski & Snowboard and work as an editorial and communications consultant, copywriter and editor for a variety of clients. Past and present include Audi, Land-Rover, Club Med, Boots and Ski Solutions.

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