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Don't travel without P20: the best sunscreen for active people

By Abigail Butcher, Jul 7 2013 08:36PM

Last Tuesday, under the #TTOT travel hashtag on twitter, travel pros were naming the top five things they couldn’t travel without. I’m not exactly a travel pro, but I pitched in with what is, in my view, a miracle suncream — Riemann P20.

I have wanted to blog about this for a while, but thought most people were wise to the benefits of the once-a-day suncreen — but some sun-savvy visitors this weekend to my seaside town of Lymington made me realise many are not.

P20 was launched in 1979 and is now the fourth best-selling sun protection brand on the market. Until early this year, it was only available in one sun protection factor (SPF) — 20, as the name suggests.

I first tried it when sailing in a trans-Atlantic race last year — when fellow crew members had one bottle each that lasted them the entire 15-day trip. Being naturally fair, SPF20 wasn’t often enough for me during most of that race (from Gran Canaria to St Lucia) but I used it on the last few days and loved it.

Then in January, P20 was launched in SPF15, SPF30 and SPF50+ and it has revolutionised my life at home and when travelling. You put P20 (or 30, as the case may be) on in the morning (a clear spray or lotion) and it lasts for 10 hours. It is “very water resistant”, working for up to 80min in the water, and although nothing on the packaging says so, it seems brilliant on sensitive skin. It doesn't sting my eyes however much I perspire. And, most importantly, no matter how expensive a cream I’ve bought in the past they all give me a rash — P20 is the first sunscreen I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my face when I get hot.

I’ve used it skiing, sailing and cycling and two weeks ago I used it every day while on a press trip to the Maldives — not burning once despite being constantly in and out of the water swimming, paddle-boarding, snorkelling and sailing.

P20 is active 15 minutes after application, and contains both UVA and UVB filters. It’s non-greasy, doesn’t smell and is paraben-free, which is probably why it doesn’t give me a rash like other creams.

So, apologies if you’re already aware of this brilliant sunscreen – but the parents of a toddler and the semi-pro sailor who visited me this week had no idea that P20 was available in different factors now — nor that it actually worked. It does — Riemann P20 does exactly as it says on the tin.

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